Kids Yoga

A non- competitive sport boosting well-being & creativity

We guide the children’s energy and stimulate their imagination through yoga postures, creative movement, interactive storytelling and relaxation. Playing, lifting, turning! Being upside down and inside out!

The children  develop an awareness of themselves and a sensitivity of others. Above all they are fun, whilst building confidence, grace and the power of innovation in each individual.

Our teachers draw on your child’s natural abilities, encouraging their potential, inventiveness and physical confidence as their movement vocabulary develops. The classes are designed to encourage creativity and independent thinking and are structured to nurture individual expression in the children’s own movement.

Physical Benefits of Yoga include


develop strength and stability as well as increasing agility
good posture and helps maintain a child’s natural flexibility
supports growing bodies and tones the body
supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
prevents sports injury
improves co-ordination and balance
promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body how to relax
develops concentration


Social and Emotional Benefits include

boosts creativity through movement based tasks
releases day to day anxieties  and negative moods like lack of motivation
offers a space for children to express their emotional state in a physical way
brings clarity of the mind through relaxation techniques
gives experiences of stillness to the mind
improves memory retention which helps children learn more easily

Yoga in your school

  1. Part of schools programme for holistic health and well-being
    Offering Workshops for half a day £125 or a full day £200
  2. Junior Yoga Club- At lunchtime or after school
    Offering Yoga Clubs as part of extra-curricular activities- aprox £5 per child or according to your schools set up

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