There is a workshop for everyone.

Yoga is an Eastern Somatic practice which explores the body as perceived from within. On the yoga mat when doing a range of physical actions it is essential to stay present, to watch, feel and listen to the flux of physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. We then begin to know ourselves more deeply and to cultivate a healthy state of being.

Modern postural yoga is an accessible way into the greater subject of Yoga philosophy, psychology and lifestyle. Yoga postures can be adapted to suit people of all ages and levels of fitness and health to obtain maximum benefit according to their needs. It promotes strength, suppleness and vitality bringing a sense of internal harmony.

Restorative Yoga Workshop

The emphasis is on ‘being in’ the pose and feeling what is present. Equipment, like bolsters and blankets, are often used to awaken certain parts of the body and enable it to deeply relax.

We will quieten the mind with cooling forward bends. This will lead to uplifting supported back arches and chest openers which facilitate breathing capacity and breath awareness

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Restore and Relax Fridays
7pm- 8.30pm

The intention of these workshops is to quieten the mind and open the heart space, facilitating breathing capacity and breath awareness.

The perfect way to unwind and welcome in the weekend. The yurt is a magical space to just be, feel and connect with your self.