Sarra Whicheloe

lives in Cranleigh, Surrey
Teaching Yoga since 2001

At University studing Philosophy and the Performing Arts Sarra attended regular yoga classes ar the Swami Radha Centre in Canterbury. She experienced some of the hidden language of yoga postures by exploring the thoughts and feelings that arose within each posture. The mental clarity, emotional strength and the depth of relaxation that she experienced continue to inspire her practice and teaching today.

Sarra’s teaching style is positive with a dynamic and fluid approach.She loves seeing people of all ages and abilities transform through yoga. She nurtures each individual to practice intelligently at their own pace learning to listen to the wisdom of their bodymind. Sarra focuses on precise alignment of the body, and skilful co-ordination of the whole body, its rhythms and breath.

She integrates all 8 aspects of Yoga in the practice of yoga postures. These aspects are moral and personal principles, yoga postures, breath work, and drawing our senses inwards to a feeling of wholeness.

As a certified Iyengar® Yoga Teacher Sarra is qualified to teach at Junior Intermediate Level 3 which represents more than 5 years of Professional training. She continues to train to further levels of certification with Senior Teacher Brenda Booth of the Kent Iyengar Yoga Institute.

With a background in South Indian Classical Vocal Sarra is a Natural Voice Practitioner and regular choir member of Singing Mamas. Natural Voice is about celebrating the voice you were born with, rather than trying to train it to an ideal of perfection. It’s about building accepting, non-judgmental communities that sing together.

Outside of Yoga Sarra is Bharatanatyam Dancer, an Indian Temple Dancer. She continues to explore the healing power of Movement with Hand Gestures, Visualisation, Emotion and Intention.

Jenny Kemp

Jenny’s aim is to encourage and maintain natural movement, to develop a quiet mind and bring balance to all aspects of daily life. She encourages participants to find space, extension and freedom of movement.

Often we are so disconnected from the body that she wants people to reconnect and have awareness of themselves, slow down the busy brain and become aware of ones internal space.

Jenny found yoga back in 2002. She tried various styles of yoga and once she had practiced Iyengar yoga she knew she had discovered a method that communicated with her body. In 2013 she qualified as an Iyengar teacher and has been teaching classes ever since. Iyengar yoga has something to offer to everybody and for every stage of life and Jenny’s classes provide an opportunity to experience the physical and mental benefits.

Every class she has a written lesson plan, with aims and objectives. Either working on specific areas of the body or focusing on a group of asana’s. Jenny will often use props as a guide; informing the body of alignment and for assessing a movement that may not be possible without. Her classes are for everyone, regardless of age and ability. She has taught from 16 years of age to 84.

Guest Instructors

Anastasia Alexander

Anastasia is a fully qualified teacher of Iyengar yoga, a teaching member of the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK and member of Iyengar Yoga Institutes in London, New York and Surrey.

It is her belief that through practice of yoga asana, not only do we improve our fitness, strength and flexibility, but we also gain fuller awareness of the self, leading to greater health and happiness.

Unlike more experiential approaches where students are encouraged to independently “find their way” to the postures by imitating the teacher, Anastasia’s classes are highly verbal and precise, with misalignments and errors actively corrected.

A firm foundation of the basic postures with correct actions and directions of extension is taught before moving on to more advanced work as the pupil builds strength and stability.  Pranayama (yogic breathing) and deep restorative postures are also taught as part of a monthly programme.