Namaste & Welcome

Looking forward to seeing you in class or at an event. Please bring a mat or request to buy one

If you are new please complete a medical form before attending.

Class Bundles are a simple and affordable way to attend classes. We recommend that you try a couple of classes and then stay with one that works the best. Being regular is the key to progress. Get yoga in the diary!

Classes Pay as you go

£10 per class for 1 hour classes *
£12 per class for 1 1/4  & 1 1/2 hour classes *

How to pay
Cash on arrival, no advance booking

Please check the schedule (scroll down to the calender) to see that there is a class on the day that you are coming.

Class Bundles

£8 per class for 1 hour classes
£10 per class for other classes

How to pay
online, cash, cheque to Sarra Yoga or bank transfer by arrangement

When to pay
Please purchase your class bundle at least TWO weeks before the first class where possible.

Class Bundles

  • Attend 1 class per week for the 2 month period, unless otherwise stated. The two month periods are Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec.
  • Have the freedom to attend your regular class and make up missed classes on other days.

Workshops & Days

£15 per workshop booked advance (£20 on the day)

How to pay
cash, online, BACS, cheque to Sarra Yoga
(ask for BAC details or postal address)

When to pay
Book early as some workshops will sell out. Benefit from the Early Bird Discount. The event might be cancelled within 2-10 days before the event if there are low numbers.

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