Yoga One to One in Your Garden or Online

Yoga One to One in Your Garden or Online




Yoga In Your Garden or Online

A personal programme designed to meet your aspirations as well as being sensitive to how yoga can best bring balance to your mind & body in the present.

Whilst progressing over the weeks classes are also responsive to how you are feeling on the day. This could be anything from addressing a headache, a sore back, an injury, tiredness or more positively even going with your energy and enthusiasm.

Classes are held outdoors in your garden, or online with Zoom.
Please read the safety guidelines for outdoor classes
Yoga Classes Outdoors



  • A few private classes give a sound understanding and experience of the essential yoga postures.
  • Classes are tailored to meet your specific needs. The class as a whole will aim to address your physical, mental and or emotional situation.
  • Receive personal guidance as to how and what to practice by yourself at home so you progress safely and steadily.
  • Greatly enhances your learning and experience in Yoga towards establishing a strong personal practice and being part of the wider Yoga community. 


Purchase options

£60 per class

The class can be one to one or you can included a friend or partner.


If you wish to change the day or time of your session please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. I am happy to do this as I know that schedules do change. Please get in touch by email and text message so that I can respond to you directly. If however the class is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance then 50% of the fee is still due.

Tell me about yourself and any physical needs/ injuries/ medical conditions
Complete a medical form


T’s & c’s

Any purchase expires after 3 months of purchase