Restore & Relax Fridays at Sussex Country Yurt


Restore & Relax Fridays at Sussex Country Yurt

£20.00 £18.00



Restore & Relax Friday Workshop

One Spring, Summer and Autumn workshop each year

7.45pm- 9pm

Book time in for you to restore your sense of wholeness and connect with the source of peace within. Restorative Yoga Postures, Breathwork, and Relaxation.

Quieten the mind and open the heart space, facilitating breathing capacity and breath awareness. The perfect way to unwind and welcome in the weekend. The yurt is a magical space to just be, feel and connect with your self. Open to all levels.


Restorative Yoga
Restorative postures are often held for a longer amount of time. The emphasis is on ‘being in’ the pose and feeling what is present. Equipment, like bolsters and blankets, are often used to awaken certain parts of the body and enable it to deeply relax.

Inverted postures, like shoulder stand and supported chest opening postures are essential to this practice.  They stimulate the glands in the body which balances the hormonal system, strengthen the nervous system and boosts immunity. Pranayama, breathing practices will also be introduced in a methodical, and accessible manner.


May 1
Summer June 5
Autumn Sept 25

The Sussex Country Yurt
Nabolds, Northlands Rd, Warnham,
West Sussex RH12 3SQ
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Free parking at the venue

What to bring
a yoga mat (or email me to reserve one)
blanket/towel to be cosy
torch or phone so easy to walk back to your car in the dark
wear comfortable clothes and layers, no need for tight bra’s
bring jumper/fleece & socks for the end relaxation

Additional information

Getting Ready for Class

Advice and Cautions
1. Wear comfortable unrestrictive clothing and bare feet to class. Shorts and a T-shirt are best. It’s best if your knees and ankles can be seen.
2. Bring the minimum of valuables to class. We do not accept responsibility for lost items.
3. Allow four hours after a main meal or one hour after a light snack before class.
4.Please don\\\\'t bring drinks to class. You can hydrate before or after class, no drinking during class
5. If you are menstruating certain asanas are not suitable so please consult the teacher at the beginning of the class.
6. Some of our classes are not suitable for pregnant women or for people with certain medical conditions. If you think that this might apply to you it is essential that you contact us for advice on yoga classes that would best suit your needs.
7. If your medical condition changes you must inform us in advance of class.