Join Walliswood Class Thurs 6pm


Join Walliswood Class Thurs 6pm


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Thursday 6pm- 7pm at Walliswood Village Hall


Next block of classes is
Jan 23rd – Feb 13th 2020 A block of 4 classes taught by Rachel Whitehead

About Classes

Classes will typically cover a wide range of postures. Modifications are given so that all can progress safely according to their capacity. The steady teaching style encourages personal inquiry to inspire self-practice.

Pranayama,  breathing practices will also be taught. Be nourished by a well deserved relaxation too!



Walliswood Village Hall, Froggetts Lane, Walliswood, Dorking RH5 5RJ

Walliswood Village Hall is situated opposite the ‘Scarlett Arms’ and is set back off the road at the junction of Horsham Road and Froggetts Lane.

It has car parking for approximately 10 cars inside the Froggetts Lane entrance and more parking is available in the village car park opposite the Scarlett Arms on the Horsham Road entrance.  There is a large playing field which surrounds the building.


Dates of Classes & Payment Options 


  • REGULAR (half termly payments) £10 per class
  • Spring Term 1st half
    Jan 23rd – Feb 13th 2020 A block of 4 classes
  • Spring Term 2nd half
    Feb 27th – April 9th 2020 Block of 7 weeks
  • Summer Term 1st half
    May 1st – May 22nd 2020 Block of 4 weeks
  • Summer Term 2nd half
    June 5th – July 30th 2020 Block of 8 weeks


  • MEMBERS (termly payments) £9 per class
  • Spring Term
    Jan 23rd –  April 9th 2020 Block of 11 weeks – £9 per class if booked before Dec 21st 2019
    (no class on Feb 20th )
  • Summer Term
    May 1st – July 30th 2020 Block of 12 weeks ( no class on 28th May and 16th July)


  • DROP-IN purchase a newcomers first class drop-in £12 here  


What to bring

  • Wear shorts or leggings and a top. (Men please wear bicycle shorts under shorts or wear yoga shorts that allow for many leg positions)
  • Everyone please bring a yoga mat , a blanket (and other kit if you have)
    Visit  for standard yoga mats and equipment
  • Once you have been  attending classes for a while please bring a yoga mat,4 foam blocks, yoga belt and a blanket. The yoga equipment that is provided is meant to substantiate what you are bringing and for new people.
  • Best to eat after the class or at least 2 hours before the class ( a cup of tea or small snack is alright)


Class membership is non-transferable and non-refundable
Make up missed classes at another venue within two weeks of your missed class
In the unlikely event of a class being cancelled by Sarra Yoga you will be refunded in full for that class
By paying for classes you are agreeing to these terms.


Additional information

Getting Ready for Class

1. Complete a Medical Form
2. Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose. Leggings or shorts and a t-shirt are ideal in barefeet (no socks)
3. Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach. Allow 4 hr after a large meal and 2hrs after a light one
4. Please don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t bring drinks to class. You can hydrate before or after class, no drinking during class