Cranleigh Class Bundles 2018- 2019


Cranleigh Class Bundles 2018- 2019




Cranleigh Arts Classes

November and December Classes

Tuesdays 10.30am- 12pm with Sarra
Thursdays 9.30am- 10.45am with Jenny
Thursdays 6pm- 7.15pm with Sarra
7 weeks from Monday 29th Oct- Friday 14th Dec
Purchase the 7 class bundle for £70
(Thursday class is a 6 class bundle because there is no class on Nov 1st)

January and February Classes 2019

Tuesdays 10.30am to 12pm with Alan Cameron
Thursdays 9.30am- 10.45am with Jenny Kemp
Thursday 6pm class restarts Thurs 28th Feb with Sarra
6 weeks from Monday 7th Jan – Friday 15th Feb
Purchase the 6 class bundle for £60

Bundle Benefits
Attend at least one class per week and any additional classes are only £10 payable on arrival
Guarantee your place, with the flexibility to make up missed classes at another class


Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1 High Street, Cranleigh, GU6 8AS

Cranleigh Arts Centre Studio has plenty of natural light, a wooden floor and an equipment cupboard with blocks, blankets, bolsters and chairs.

Parking is at the Co-op pay and display carpark. There are some spaces behind the arts centre and at the church depending on what else is going on. The front door to the Arts centre is often closed in the evenings and Thursday morning. Please enter through the back door from the carpark.

See directions 

Class Descriptions

Tuesday General Class 10.30am- 12pm  with Sarra 

Classes will typically cover a wide range of postures,  including those at intermediate level. Modifications are given so that all can progress safely according to their capacity.

This includes inverted postures, like shoulder stand and it’s variations. Pranayama, yogic breath work will also be taught. Be nourished by a well deserved relaxation too!

Thursday Beginners Class 9.30am- 10.45am with Jenny

An active class for all to learn and enjoy a range of postures for strength and flexibility.  A nourishing way to start your day.

Thursday Beginners Class 6pm- 7.15pm with Sarra

A friendly and welcoming evening class for all to work at their own pace, safely progressing in the Beginners level postures. You will develop strength and flexibility whilst releasing tension and quietening the mind.


What to Bring

  • Everyone please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. standard yoga mats for sale
  • If you have yoga equipment like blocks and a belt please bring your kit.
  • Wear shorts of tight leggins, no jeans or trousers with buttons

    Bundle  Benefits

    • Class Bundles are every two months
    • Attend up to the specified number of classes within the time periods- see exact dates
    • This gives you the flexibility to attend any class at any venue within the Class Bundles validity.

    T’s and C’s

    • Class Bundles are non- refundable within a week of the start date. They are not transferable to another date although can be transferred to another person

Additional information

Getting Ready for Class

1. Complete a Medical Form
2. Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose. Leggings or shorts and a t-shirt are ideal in barefeet (no socks)
3. Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach. Allow 4 hr after a large meal and 2hrs after a light one
4. Please don't bring drinks to class. You can hydrate before or after class, no drinking during class