Asana Lab

Yoga Poses

The online videos, posture library and downloads are a resource to support your yoga practice. Svadyaya is a sanskrit word for self-study or personal reflective and awareness. Doing yoga asana (postures), exploring the body in great depth, we begin to understand and influence the mind.
The more you attend classes, workshops and practice at home the more you will experience positive change in your body and how you feel.  New to Yoga? Scroll through the Beginners postures in the library to see what you will learn in the first two years of attending classes and their benefits.
Attending Classes? This library presents the main groups of postures. This will consolidate what you are learning and show what is to come. If you want me to teach a certain posture in class, please ask.
Each Asana has the following
1. Sanskrit name with translation & meaning
2. Beginners,  General  or Intermediate Level
2. Benefits of the Posture
3. Cautions
4. Instructions for getting into and out of the posture
5. Ways of working in the posture for certain needs, perhaps with props