Class Locations in Sussex

Holbrook Tythe Barn

Pondtail Rd, Horsham RH12 5JF

Situated in North Horsham with its own free parking this is a convenient place to pop along to your weekly yoga class. There is underfloor heating and clear wall space which makes a yoga practice pure joy.

Please bring a yoga mat as there are none available for use. You can request in advance by email to borrow one. In due course please also bring your yoga kit (4 blocks, blanket, belt)

Horsham Friends Quaker Meeting House

30 Worthing Rd, Horsham, RH12 1SW

Situated close to the centre of town on the Worthing Rd. It is diagonally opposite Sainsbury’s carpark and a few steps from the bus station.

If you park at Sainsbury’s
you need to shop there to get free parking. Look at their terms.  Drive through the barriers and turn left going all the way to the end of the carpark. Park there. There is a walkway from the carpark down onto the Worthing rd. Cross over the road and take a few steps to your right . Friends Meeting House is there on your left with a front garden, two tall windows and a porch.

Waitrose carpark
is around the corner and is free after 6pm. You need to walk down towards Sainsburys and then turn left onto the Worthing rd. Friends Meeting House is on your left slightly set back from the road with a front garden and two tall windows and a porch.

Enter through the door at the front porch and leave your shoes at the entrance.

Please bring a yoga mat as there are none available for use. Also bring yoga blocks and a blanket to supplement what is provided. There are foam blocks in the cupboard under the windows for everyone to share.

Sussex Country Yurt

Sussex Country Yurt, Nabolds, Northlands Rd, Warnam, Horsham RH12 3SQ

The Yurt is in the garden of the family house called Nabolds. From the road you can see the Yurt through the trees. Look out for the wooden YOGA signs at the gate. Please bring a torch as winter evenings it is dark.

Drive in through the gateway and  around to your left and park on the gravel area in front of the Yurt. (although not on the path leading to the Yurt !!)

Walk along the gravel walkway between the lamps to the Yurt. If possible leave your shoes outside. If you are late please wait until the chant has finished before opening the door as the teacher is sitting just in front of the doors.
The toilets are in the main house- walk along the corridor and they are the third door on the left. You can change in there.

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