Rituals of Dance

Sarra Whicheloe & Nick Fairbrother offer Indian Temple Dance Workshops at Festivals in the South East UK.

Since 1998 Sarra has explored how the South Indian dance. Bharatanatyam, is a way to connect with the sacred within.

Rituals of dance is inspired by the Devotional Arts and Temples of Southern India.  Experience rhythmical footwork and intricate hand gestures in a range of dance from our offering of flowers to deity invocations. Embody positive affirmations reflecting your aspirations and allow your imagination to take form.

About Workshops
Stamp your feet to Indian vocal rhythms with live accompaniment on the South Indian Drum, the Mrudangam.

Experience the clarity and beauty of Intricate hand gestures. These energetic seals, or mudras, are a language of expression and embody intention.

From the Warrior Dance of Shiva to the Compassionate Dance of Tara – Dance is an invocation embracing life.


Sangham Dance & Music

‘Sangha’ is a sanskrit word for community. Sangham celebrate unity in diversity. Bringing stories and poetry from around the world to life with Indian dance and music. Sarra Whicheloe and Nick Fairbrother collaborate with artists to offer creative arts days in schools and in the community.

Offering workshops and interactive performances in schools for India Day, Deevali and other creative curriculum based events.

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About Workshops

  • Duration: Half a day or Full day
  • Artists: 1 dancer and 1 musician
  • Bespoke programme themed according to the topic being studied. For example the story of Rama and Seeta.
  • Can lead to a performance by the students to the rest of the school/ & parents
About Interactive Performances
  • In costume with live and recorded music for 10 to 20 minutes- often for assembly in the school hall