Yoga enriches life!  I teach Yoga primarily through physical postures, or Asanas. I combine precise strong bodywork with mantra, affirmations and visualisations for physical health, mental stability and emotional freedom.

I am a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher based in the Surrey & Sussex, South East England. Offering professional and affordable yoga classes from Forest Row to Horsham and Cranleigh.

In my classes you will benefit from the clarity and depth of understanding in posture and breath work that is taught in the Iyengar method. I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and continue to train with Senior Iyengar Teachers. You will recieve individual attention in the form of verbal instruction and hands on adjustment to most benefit from your Yoga. This comes from my wish to share the transformative power of yoga with you.

I can teach #yogaeverydamnday because I have a keen interest in observing how yoga postures appear in different bodies and how this reflects the mind and emotional state.

I work with the body to affect the mind= to feel at peace with love in my heart.

An overview

  • Daytime and Evening Yoga Classes in Cranleigh, near Guildford
  • Beginners and Intermediate Yoga Classes in Horsham and Warnham
  • Evening Yoga Classes in Forest Row
  • Restore & Relax Candlelit Workshops in Warnham at the Sussex Yurt
  • Women’s Well-being Workshops near Guildford
  • Bespoke One to One Yoga Classes at your home

Join me for Yoga in Horsham, Yoga in Forest Row and Yoga in Cranleigh


There is a class for everyone. Start as you are, no need to be able to touch your toes, or to do a push up. The Iyengar method is known for its skill in adapting classical postures to suit all bodies and to manage injuries safely. I love seeing people transform through yoga.

The classes are generally active, you will warm and awaken the body whilst calming and refreshing the mind. You will be guided how to practice safely with increasing sensitivity and awareness.

Sarra Yoga Kids provides Yoga After School Clubs read more


Yoga workshops are a chance to work more deeply on your practice. They are usually longer than regular classes so you have time to explore postures in more detail and focus on specific teaching points.

Women’s Well-being Workshops at Kilnhanger are the perfect retreat from work and family. Nurturing me-time with Restorative Yoga in the tranquil setting of a converted barn studio with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Yoga Videos

Practice yoga whenever you want, wherever you are! Sarra Yoga Online offers Yoga sequences that support you in what your love and do- for singers, runners, climbers, walkers, those who work at a desk, mothers with lil’ ones.

Watch or listen to the video on all your devices. With clear visual demonstration and precise verbal instruction these videos are an essential tool for developing your understanding and experience of Yoga.


Put yoga in your diary by purchasing a Class Bundle in advance. Available every month or 2 months allowing for school holidays. From £8 per class. You have the flexibility to attend any class in the week. Regularity at one class is recommended.

Drop-in to a class £10 for 1 hour classes or £12 for longer classes.

No reservation required just check the calendar.

Move Breathe Connect

Yoga for everyone


Yoga is an Eastern Somatic practice which explores the body as perceived from within. On the yoga mat when doing a range of physical actions it is essential to stay present, to watch, feel and listen to the flux of physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. We then begin to know ourselves more deeply and to cultivate a healthy state of being.

Modern postural yoga is an accessible way into the greater subject of Yoga philosophy, psychology and lifestyle. Yoga postures can be adapted to suit people of all ages and levels of fitness and health to obtain maximum benefit according to their needs. It promotes strength, suppleness and vitality bringing a sense of internal harmony.

Yoga is for everyone.
It brings freedom & the joy of being authentically YOU

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In 2007 I received the Iyengar yoga Introductory Certificate. In 2017 I received certification at Junior Intermediate Level 3. Next is one month training in Pune and intense preparation before the Senior Level Assessment.

All teachers are trained in the Iyengar tradition and are certificated by the IYA (UK). This entitles them to use the Iyengar Certification Mark: an indication of high quality training endorsed by BKS Iyengar in Pune, India.

The process of  training and assessment is repeated with higher standards at six additional levels of certification, from Introductory to Intermediate Senior. Each level taking a couple of years minimum.


Run according to yogic principles of com passion and fairness. Teaching, aswell as promotion and administration of the buisness are directed by a wish for conscious and harmonious relationships.


Care is given to understand each persons reason for doing yoga, their ability and aspirations.
Individual ‘verbal instruction’ are given to improve alignment, awareness and freedom in each posture. Sometimes yoga equipment or hands on adjustments are used to achieve this aim.
I also encourage and support people practicing yoga at home. This is done through online videos, downloads, resources and personal guidance.