Yoga enriches life! Attend a regular class and experience the transformative power of this holistic practice of self- care.

At the moment all classes are being held online so it is the perfect opportunity to do yoga everyday with at least two classes per week.


Yoga is an Eastern Somatic practice which explores the body as perceived from within.  Modern postural yoga is an accessible way into the greater subject of Yoga philosophy, psychology and lifestyle.


Classes involve doing physical postures, breathing practices and relaxation. The teachers skill is in enabling people of all ages and levels of fitness to obtain maximum benefit from the yoga postures, according to their needs.

Online Classes with Zoom Here

Recorded Classes Here


An aim of Yoga is to experience the warm feeling of being connected with ourselves, each other and the gift of life. On this journey you will also benefit from improved posture and ease of movement in daily life with increased strength, suppleness and vitality. 

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There is a class for everyone. Start as you are, no need to be able to touch your toes, or to do a push up. The Iyengar method is known for its skill in adapting classical postures to suit all bodies and to manage injuries safely. I love seeing people transform through yoga.

The classes are generally active, you will warm and awaken the body whilst calming and refreshing the mind. You will be guided how to practice safely with increasing sensitivity and awareness. Yoga Classes are the Horsham, Cranleigh, Walliswood, Dorking, Guildford and Crawley area of Surrey and Sussex


Practice yoga whenever you want, wherever you are! Sarra Yoga Online offers Yoga sequences that support you in what your love and do- for singers, runners, climbers, walkers, those who work at a desk, mothers with lil’ ones.

Watch or listen to the video on all your devices. With clear visual demonstration and precise verbal instruction these videos are an essential tool for developing your understanding and experience of Yoga.